Family Connect is an innovative family engagement solution enabling children and family members of the older adult population to communicate and participate in the care of their loved ones. This solution comprised of four components: A purpose-built tablet that is setup and registered to the senior, a wearable watch, a family app, and a family management console.

The wearable paired with the Family Connect tablet will be used to collect basic vitals data such as SPo2 and heart rate, provide fall detection awareness, and sleep monitoring. The device is equipped with cellular service for GPS tracking and emergency calling for safety. All vitals data collected from the wearable device will be shared with family members and accessible within the Family Connect application.

The Family Connect app is downloadable to personal devices through an invitation only process. The app is used to share photos and videos, make voice and video calls, and chat directly to a loved one’s senior tablet. The family app displays vital information collected by the senior tablet. In the instance of a fall being detected, family members will also be alerted through the Family Connect app.

The Fourth component is the family management console.

The management console allows family members to participate and download the Family Connect app, setup calendar events and reminders, log and schedule times in which medication was or needs to be taken. The console also allows users to add and display connected vitals devices, store and share photos and videos, and setup web resources and additional apps to present on the senior tablet. The family management console allows the family to assist the senior in setting up the tablet with meaningful information and critical healthcare elements to improve their quality of care.

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