Family Connect originated from a visionary concept in 2013 aimed at empowering families to actively engage and partake in the caregiving process of their elderly loved ones.

Why We Created Family Connect:

A significant portion of adults over 65, approximately 26%, face the challenge of living alone, resulting in feelings of loneliness, social isolation, and limited access to quality care. These individuals often contend with various health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or diabetes, which can lead to difficulties in managing medications or keeping track of important appointments. Recognizing the existing technology gap, our mission at Family Connect is to bridge this divide by offering a purpose-built tablet designed specifically for seniors, grandparents, families, and care providers. With our intuitive device, communication and health status updates become effortlessly accessible, fostering enhanced connectivity and peace of mind for everyone involved.Family Connect’s purpose-built tablet was created for seniors, grandparents, families and care providers so that you can communicate and get health status updates easily.

Our Story:

With a solid foundation in healthcare technology, our parent company, Mobility Exchange, has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for home health and elderly care since 2011. Leveraging our extensive experience, our dedicated team has successfully deployed thousands of devices within the senior home health care sector over the past decade.

Recognizing the crucial requirement to deliver exceptional care within the comfort of home and reduce the need for hospitalization among aging seniors, the Family Connect team embarked on a mission to enhance the care they receive. Our primary objective is to elevate the quality of life and overall health for seniors, whether they are leading an active lifestyle or have more limited mobility, by focusing on healthcare provisions and fostering meaningful family engagement.